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The Five Priorities of the Collaborative:

  • A sufficient number of trained and qualified Christian Science nurses to meet the need.
  • A consistently high standard of Christian Science nursing demonstrated throughout the field.
  • The Manual by-law “Christian Science nurse” understood and appreciated by all church members.
  • Church members inspired by a natural desire to care for one another.
  • Individuals and organizations discovering and developing better ways for working collaboratively to accomplish these priorities.

Our Collaborative is made up of Christian Science nurses, professional associations that support Christian Science nursing, funders that support Christian Science nursing and Christian Scientists who are working together to support and enhance the field of Christian Science nursing.

This website is a place to find and share information. It is overseen by the individuals and groups who are participating in this collective work, and it is managed by the Collaborative Support Team under the guidance of the larger Collaborative.

This website includes:

  • Specific information about working groups that are tackling specific challenges and exploring opportunities — see What We’re Doing
  • A calendar of regular meetings of the Collaborative groups — see Calendar
  • A newsletter that brings you the latest on what the Collaborative is doing — see Newsletters under What We’re Doing
  • Background on the Collaborative and how it is structured and facilitated — see Who We Are
  • Other updates and reports on and from the field of Christian Science nursing which we will post from time to time on this home page
  • Events coming up in the field of Christian Science nursing and those specific to our collaborative efforts which we will post on this home page as information becomes available

Some pages of this website are open to everyone; some are open only to the members of the Collaborative’s funding, coordinating, or working groups.

For more information or if you would like to be added to our newsletter or removed from our email list, contact us at